Echinacea Tea

While I was finishing up Chemo I met and befriended a lady who works at the Botanical Gardens. She introduced me to the book “Homegrown Tea.” I dove into the book, highlighting and figuring out what would grow in our area. It was so much fun to plant and now see come into bloom. Well, she was able to join me for tea last week and it was so fun to talk “plants” with her while sipping our delicious Echinacea Tea. No sweetener needed, it has a honey taste to it all on its own. Most people use the root, but you can use the flowers and leaves as well. I dried out the flowers and a few leaves and let it steep for a few minutes before serving and like I said, it really was good. The medicinal benefits are not bad either. It is supposed to be good for the immune system and help with digestion.