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The Beginnings of a Cut Flower Garden

I LOVE flowers. So…when my sister-in-law gave me “Floret Farms Cut Flower Garden” by Erin Benzakein, I was thrilled! I couldn’t wait to get started! This book helps you plan for a flower farm if you really wanted to undertake that en-devour. For me, I ordered one type of seeds and thought I would give it a try.


Cosmos are annuals, but the more you cut them, the more they produce so you have adorable little flowers all summer long. They are very tall plants and took up quite a lot more space than I thought they would, but thankfully I planted them in front of some trees and behind my iris’ so they provided the perfect height balance…whew! The book does say: “These plants get very bushy and prefer a little extra room to spread out, so space plants 12 to 18 inches apart.” Oh, the details 😉

Another great feature of these flowers is that they last for about a week in a vase. One tip is to harvest the flowers when the buds have not quite opened up yet, but are colored.

I hope you all try these next spring! Sow the seedlings 4 weeks before the last frost  and then plant them into the garden once the danger of frost is past. Happy planting!