Chemo Round 4


This week I wanted to get my focus off of the anticipation of nausea as I received chemotherapy. I asked my friends and family for their prayer requests so I could focus on God and others. I may be a wounded warrior, but I am dedicated to taking back for God more than has been taken from me.

Another thing that I am really grateful for is the insurance plan we have through Wes’ job at ScientiaMobile. Without it, this could be a financial nightmare. I feel like every aspect of going through this crazy time has been taken care of and I am so incredibly thankful.

The aftermath of chemo was the usual unpleasantness. On Wednesday, I went to my cousin JoDe’s to lay on her couch while she watched Fierce. Thanks Jo!

My cousin Jessica took Fierce today while I went to an Ultrasound to find out how my tumor has been responding to the chemotherapy. Thank you! My tumor started out at 22mm and is now down to 6mm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The nurse was so excited to tell me that their has been SIGNIFICANT change!

I expected good news since I can barely feel it myself anymore, but I still got teary-eyed when I was by myself in the car. When I got home, my cousin Nate and his wife Erin had sent flowers to me to bring a smile to my face. Well, I am beaming right now!

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness. I am so grateful you are walking with me through this cancer fight.


  1. Thank you Lord! There’s a big smile on my face too! Cousins are the best friends!

  2. Good morning beautiful Kylene. It’s Miti Wallwork here. Last night I prayed for you when my dear friend Raeanne sent out the prayer request. This morning I read your blog and excited about your results. I am rejoicing with you mighty beautiful warrior thanking God for His goodness shrinking the tumor and dissolving it for good is what we believe in and speak forth. Your flowers are beautiful just like you . God sure knows how to cheer us up and uses His angels on earth to show forth His love . Now that I’m up almost just after 5am I’m sending up prayers believing God in miracles for what He has already started (shrinking that tumor) we join faith knocking on His door thanking Him in advance for more great news Hang in there girl, praying for your strength and declaring God’s promises His Word over you that by His stripes you are healed Well Happy Friday to you beautiful daughter of the King! Sending hugs, love and of course prayers from hot hot Arizona lol the Valley of the SON. Enjoy your day & weekend and together we will Fight through Praise miti it’s almost coffee time ☕ Happy Friday

  3. Wow! So happy for you. It is so obvious that you are FULL of the Spirit of God. We love you, honey and are so grateful for God’s great grace on your life! 🙂

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