Chemo Round 2

I was pretty tempted to play hookie or perhaps not go back at all, but I walked through the doors and into the waiting room. I poured myself some hot water and pulled out some ginger tea from a bag of goodies my friend Sheena gave me. Soon, I had my blood drawn and met with the nurse. The week before my white blood cells were low, but not dangerously and after the Nulasta shot my WBC were high. That made me feel reassured before doing this next round of chemo. Then came the hook up. The nurse poked a needle through my port and started running the chemo drugs. I read a book for a bit and then fell asleep.

I felt good all day and even the next day. I did decide to take an anti-nausea pill in the evening because it was starting to set in and that feeling is really not fun. It certainly was not as bad as last time. I have been able to eat normally so far. Thank you Lord!

Right on schedule, my hair has begun to fall out. It doesn’t look too bad yet, but when I brush it I can’t believe how much is in the bristles and still more comes out into my hands. I am curious to find out how long it will be until it is all gone. So glad I have a wig!



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