Let Me Plan Your Next Trip

Your Personal Travel Guide Vacation on the horizon? Awesome! So many people have to work extra before their vacation in order to leave and not worry about loose ends, etc., leaving no time to read an entire guide book, much less make a plan. You tell yourself you will read it on the plane, but… Continue reading Let Me Plan Your Next Trip
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Sawat Di Kah & Goodbye

Our final day has come. While I was packing, Fierce picked up the hotel phone and said, "Sawat De Kah" as if he was talking to someone. This means "Hello" in Thai...I guess he was paying attention this week! I know he picked up on the fact that people were not speaking his language quite… Continue reading Sawat Di Kah & Goodbye

Bangkok Exploration Day 2

The first day we were here, we were seriously concerned that we couldn't find a coffee shop....aaaahhhhh! My Mom and Lynnae came to our rescue by finding a man selling dixie cup sized hot coffee on a busy street corner near our hotel. It was strong, black like coal and doused with sweetened condensed milk...wow...good!… Continue reading Bangkok Exploration Day 2

Welcome to Thailand!

I have to admit right off the bat that I was trying to prepare for a 18 hours worth of flights so I didn't pack light this time...plus my mom already said she would help carrying some bags ;) I made "busy bags" or small crafts for Fierce like making Mr. Potato Head out of… Continue reading Welcome to Thailand!


I have been using Ryan Air for all of my little flights in-between countries. In order to get from Romania back to Denmark, I had to go to Ireland first because Ryan Air doesn't fly to and from all countries. I had already been to Dublin and explored the bustling city, so I decided to… Continue reading Ireland
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