Last Day & Cancer Free

. Today I had my LAST treatment! I am officially Cancer FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fierce helped me ring the bell. Everyone gets a kick out of him because he claps his hands every time someone rings the bell. He gets so excited! Before I left, the staff gave me a card and a pin, the radiation technicians… Continue reading Last Day & Cancer Free

Halfway Through Taxol

We are settling into St. Louis. We actually live just across the state line in O'Fallon, IL. Apartment living is like camping for now. The mattress is on the floor in our room and Fierce is using his pack 'n play. The really neat part is that the minute you walk out your door all… Continue reading Halfway Through Taxol

Chemo Round 4

This week I wanted to get my focus off of the anticipation of nausea as I received chemotherapy. I asked my friends and family for their prayer requests so I could focus on God and others. I may be a wounded warrior, but I am dedicated to taking back for God more than has been… Continue reading Chemo Round 4

Chemo Round 3

Sitting there getting pumped full of life saving chemicals was making me nauseous, which is physically impossible because of the anti-nausea drugs. I realized my brain was warning me "THIS IS WHAT MAKES YOU SICK!" Alright, so the mental battle has begun. I decided to get my mind on something else so I turned on… Continue reading Chemo Round 3