Bergamot Tea

We had a fun filled Tuesday this past week. One of my friends brought over her two kiddos for a tea party to taste test Bergamot Tea. The three year old girl even wore her Cinderella dress for the occasion.

Bergamot is probably the most beautiful tea flower in my garden. It smells really spicy, but tastes like an ordinary black tea. It is often used in Earl Grey Teas so I am not at all surprised that I really liked it! We had let the flower steep for three minutes in hot water, but if you let it soak over night the water takes on that same spicy taste as the smell.

I honestly find this plant to be so beautiful, I almost want to plant them all around my yard just for the pop of color.

One fun fact is that the early settlers needed to find a replacement for the heavily taxed tea around the time of the Boston Tea Party so they started planting and drinking Bergamot which they discovered from the Oswego Indians.

Another great thing about Bergamot is that it is high in Vitamin A and C so it may be good for colds and soar throats. The Native Americans used it to treat nosebleeds, insomnia, stomach ache and fevers.

-Homegrown Tea by Cassie Liversidge